Music Video Production

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Music Video Production

Music Video Production: Live Sessions, Live Gig Performance, DJ/Event Promo, Conceptual 

Who Are We?    

We are a video production company, a collective of directors and recording engineers, cameramen, editors and designers who have something in common.. a passion for music and film making.

What do we do for you?

Our aim is to offer bands and artists a service that promotes and enhances their musical career through film. We work professionally and enthusiastically, and we love what we do.


 Tailored Flexible Packages

Each session is tailored to your needs; ranging from one or two tracks to the full set in both video and sound. We'll build a custom package to suit your needs and budget.


Our location recording service can be wherever you like, providing the environment is acoustically viable and we can access some mains power outlets!.. From your sitting room, rehearsal space, local pub or theatre.. the choice is yours.


How We Work

1) Select what type of video you want, fill out the contact form and submit! 

We’ll look at your project and suggest the best potential options for you. If you prefer to direct email or phone, please do at & +44 (0)7584 499 069. 

2) We’ll arrange a meeting with you where options will be explained in detail. We'll then develop a custom package to suit your needs and budget. 

3) The VALV team will plan the production according to the brief, and record your video at your desired location.

4) Post production: Mixing Audio & Editing your video.

5) You’ll receive digital copies of your video for you to upload to YouTube and distribute as you wish. Your video will also be promoted through our social media channels.


  • Live social network posts & updates during filming.
  • Band photography: Digital, prints, postcards, posters
  • Manufacture DVDs + CDs for you to sell online and at gigs or send to venues, festivals, promoters and labels etc
  • Animated band logo  


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